Chemical Bank is excited to announce that we will be upgrading to a new business online banking platform the weekend of August 11th! Some of our customers are already using this platform, so we’re excited to offer it to all of our customers through this upcoming conversion.

Preview Period Website – Coming soon!

Important Dates
July 10 - July 24
You will receive important conversion information via mail including a checklist of To-Dos and an explanation of what is changing between the two systems, including ACH, Wire and Tax Payment services, if used. Token information, if used, will be sent via email.
July 31 - August 11
The Preview Period for your new business online banking system begins! Use this time to verify contact information, user access and ACH and Wire template information. Online tutorials will be available to assist with the process. Watch for more information regarding the Preview Period, including your login credentials, which will be sent via email on July 31. Your User ID may stay the same, however, your Company ID and password will change.
August 11 - August 14
Your current business online banking will be unavailable starting at 6 P.M. ET on August 11. Access to the new platform will be available after 9 A.M. ET on August 14. Watch this site and your email for more details!