The number of fraudulent electronic ACH debits reported each year is increasing. This problem requires companies to be more diligent in monitoring their accounts for unauthorized ACH activity. In most cases, corporate ACH debits have a limited time in which they can be returned, further increasing the risk of loss to businesses due to fraud.

By utilizing ACH Positive Pay, your company may reduce the risk of unauthorized ACH debits from your business accounts. Each pending ACH debit is compared to an approved transaction list. If the item does not match the approved criteria, it’s flagged within the online Business eBanking system. An authorized user reviews the exception item(s) via Business eBanking and decides which items to pay and which to return.

Chemical Bank’s ACH Positive Pay is a simple, cost-effective program to help protect your company against losses from ACH fraud.

ACH Positive Pay items may also be viewed and decisioned through the Chem Bank Biz Mobile app.