ATM Cards

Our ATM Card provides you with the convenience of 24-hour banking for routine banking services. Make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, payments and balance inquiries at any Chemical Bank ATM. Balance inquiries and withdrawals can be made at other ATMs displaying the NYCE or Cirrus network symbols.

Card Benefits

Stop in today at any Chemical Bank office near you for an instant issue ATM Card, and then begin enjoying quick, convenient, 'anytime' banking.

  • Get cash when you need it from your Chemical Bank checking or savings account
  • Make deposits to your Chemical Bank checking or savings account
  • Transfer money between your accounts
  • Make loan payments
  • Inquire about your account balances

For Lost or Stolen ATM Cards, contact:

Weekdays, 8AM - 5PM ET: (866) 600-5878

Weekends and after business hours: (800) 236-2442

Recommended Products and Services

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