Wealth Matters - 2017 Winter Edition

News, commentary and updates from the experts of Chemical Bank Wealth Management

Wealth Matters - 2017 Winter Edition


In addition to our quarterly investment commentary, this edition of Wealth Matters discusses ways to maximize your retirement savings and the factors to consider when planning your retirement goals. Retirement is one of life’s most significant events. The decision of when and how to retire should not be left to chance. While the financial complexities we face in retirement can be daunting, comprehensive planning with a professional can make you feel more comfortable with your decisions. Whether you are in the accumulation phase, or have already retired, it is never too late, or too early, to sit down with a trusted advisor to review your goals.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Wealth Matters.

The markets turned in a solid performance for 2016 with a good portion of the returns coming post-election. The biggest gains were realized in small cap (+21.31) and mid cap (+20.74) stocks. The DJIA (+16.50) and the S&P 500 (+11.96) posted solid return numbers as well. The tech-heavy Nasdaq (+7.50) didn’t fare quite as well. Emerging markets (+11.19) handily outperformed the developed international market (+1.00). Market returns remain positive to start off 2017 for all the major indices. Read more...

Active planning and saving is critical for a successful and happy retirement. Social Security alone isn’t adequate as increasing life expectancies extend retirement years. No matter what stage of life you are in, understanding your options and the different types of available income will make your retirement goals much more attainable. Read more...

One of the greatest challenges when planning for retirement is having a solid idea of how much you may spend (in today’s dollars) during your post working years. Since very few of us work from a budget and know our living expenses, it may require backing into the spending number based on some assumptions Read more...

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