Wealth Matters - 2018 Winter Edition

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Wealth Matters - 2018 Winter Edition


The topic of tax reform has sparked many conversations of varying reactions; from confusion and worry to praise and optimism, we’ve all experienced different reactions and seek an understanding of how tax reform will impact our own situations. In this edition of Wealth Matters, our authors discuss a number of changes and tips to take into consideration as you revisit your financial plan in light of tax reform. We also recap 2017 market performance and forecast investment trendsfor 2018.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Wealth Matters.

Most of us are aware that tax reform was signed into law prior to the end of 2017, but few understand how those changes will affect their financial plans going forward. While some the most significant changes are substantial reductions in tax rates for corporations and closely held businesses, this article focuses on the significant changes for our clients who are individual taxpayers and offers a few implications to consider when revisiting your financial plan with your advisor. Read more...

What a year 2017 was in the markets! The S&P 500 Index finished the year with a total return of 21.8%. Mid-cap and small cap stocks trailed their large cap counterparts, producing gains of “only” 18.5% and 14.7% respectively. Developed International stocks as measured by EAFE gained a respectable 25% while Emerging Markets stole the show with an outsized gain of 37.3%. Read more...

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed into law prior to the end of 2017 represents a historically significant change to the United States tax code. As a whole it is one of the largest tax cuts in our nation’s history, though for individual taxpayers the impact of the new law will vary based on a number of factors. The focus of this article is on the continued relevance of charitable giving as a strategy for reducing personal income tax liability for many of our clients under the new law. Read more...

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