Chemical Bank thanks you for your military service! We are excited to help you transition back into civilian life with a banking career that will further promote the skills that you've already developed in your military career.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What characteristics does Chemical Bank look for in their employees?

Chemical Bank is always looking for individuals who exhibit exceptional personal and professional characteristics, or Success Profiles, which include:

  • Customer Dedication - Going out of the way to anticipate and meet both internal and external customer expectations.

  • High Standards - Establishing and modeling standards that guarantee exceptional quality and attention to detail.

  • Creative Initiative - Proactively generating original ideas and new ways of thinking, and developing innovative solutions.

  • Positive Impact - Personable, self-confident, and enthusiastic.

  • Relationship Building - Establishing and maintaining productive relationships and utilizing those relationships to facilitate business transactions.

  • Team Player - Sharing resources, responding to requests from other parts of the organization, and supporting team members and customers alike.

  • Community Immersion - Establishing and maintaining interdependent relationships with the community and gaining the trust and respect of their customers for a lifelong partnership.

  • Mission Focus - Understanding and supporting the organization's mission - its core purpose for being.

Chemical Bank's Military Veterans:

Kari Johnson

"My experience in the Army gave me the discipline and leadership skills that are highly sought after in today’s working world. Chemical Bank gave me the opportunity to further develop those key skills and become a key contributing member to my team’s success."

-Kari Johnson

United States Army

Unit Supply Clerk

Served: 1997-2000 


Military Veteran

“The Air Force has taught me that integrity, loyalty, commitment, and hard work were qualities needed to serve my country well. I have been able to apply these qualities I’ve learned to provide an enjoyable, valuable and memorable experience for my customers and fellow coworkers here at Chemical Bank on a daily basis."  

-Rebecca Beaty

United States Air Force

Computer Systems Control

Served: 1996-2000



Military Veteran

"The United States Navy taught me the importance of commitment, discipline and structure. Chemical Bank has afforded me the opportunity to grow and enhance these skills and contribute to my teams success."

-Stacyann Rohraff Smith

United States Navy

Hospital Corpsman

Served: 1990-1994




Chris Yurgaties

“As a combat Veteran, I have a passion to serve and desired a career that would allow me to utilize the values and skills I learned as solider.  Chemical Bank’s commitment to make a difference in the community, alongside high standards, loyalty and integrity has allowed me to excel in my career.  All employees at Chemical Bank strive to work together as a team to better our community, to help our customers grow and succeed, while developing lifelong relationships.  As an employee at Chemical Bank I am able to fulfill my vow of helping to build success within in my community, and stand alongside others individuals who share in these same principals of pride and integrity.”

-Chris Yurgaites

Michigan Army National Guard

Carpentry & Masonry Specialist

Served: 2004-2010

Us Flags

"My experience in the Army as a Military Police officer has given me the skills to adapt to any situation or environment; the ability to work as a team member and to lead by example. I have taken these skills, and a "can do" Army attitude, and applied them to civilian life. This has helped me become a positive and successful Chemical Bank employee."

-Lisa Williams

United States Army

Military Police Officer

Served: 1979-1981

US Flags

Serving in the United States Marine Corps has helped me develop essential skills such as discipline, leadership, and self-motivation that I continue to use as a civilian. Chemical Bank has given me the opportunity to highlight these skills to help become a key contributor to the Information Technology and Risk Management departments.”

-David Medina

United States Marine Corps

Computer Technician

Served: 2002-2006 


"My Army experience provided world class skills that are highly valued at Chemical Bank.  They welcomed me and I was immediately able to translate my leadership assignments into their cohesive corporate culture.  With support when you need and leadership clearing the way, I have daily opportunities to take control of my performance and grow. I recommend and invite you to consider the Chemical Bank team."

-Brett Bowen

United States Army

NCO, Military Intelligence, 101st Airborne Division

Served: 1992-1997