ePersonal Online Banking

Our online ePersonal Online Banking service is easy and convenient to use! Enjoy fast and secure access to all of your Chemical Bank account information anywhere, anytime an Internet connection is available.


Access your accounts with the click of a mouse!

  • Check Balances and recent transactions
  • Access up to 18 months of account history and check images
  • Pay bills online
  • Schedule transfers and receive balance alerts
  • Make same-day loan and principal-only payments
  • Stop payments
  • Expedited payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers.

The ePersonal online banking service provides basic account access capabilities generally needed for personal banking. The eBusiness online banking service provides additional services and security in the business arena, such as: Wires, ACH (electronic payment/receipts and payroll direct deposits), Electronic Tax Payments, Account Reconciliation and Positive Pay as well as the ability to maintain multiple users with defined access to the accounts and services defined to the business.

Yes, an online banking customer must either be a signer of the account or have authorization from an account owner in order to have electronic access to the account.

For ePersonal banking, A User ID and password which is defined during registration but can be changed anytime through the User Settings in the ePersonal Application.