Chemical Bank’s Retirement Trust was specifically created to simplify the process of planning for tax-deferred retirement accounts. The Retirement Trust is a rollover IRA account that uses an IRS-approved trust agreement to make sure your planning objectives are followed. As the IRA owner, you are able to designate the ultimate recipient of the assets and ensure that the tax-deferred benefits are “stretched” lasting as long as possible.

Chemical Bank’s Retirement Trust is designed to easily be added to an existing estate plan. It is intended to maximize the benefits available with tax-deferred retirement accounts without complicating the rest of your estate plan.

The Retirement Trust Provides:

• Tax-deferred growth of assets over the maximum time period

• Payments that “stretch” over a beneficiary’s lifetime rather than a lump sum payment

• Better control of distributions and recipients than available in a traditional IRA

• Protection against creditors

• Professional administration

• A range of investment options, from self-directed to professional management

• Simplicity

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